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Offering Video to DVD Transfers, Audio to CD Transfers, Slide Transfers, Photo Scanning, Picture Videos (aka Photo Montages), Film Transfers, CD Duplications, DVD Duplications, and more...

Video to DVD Transfer Service.

Preserve your family video recordings by converting your videotapes to DVD with our professional Video to DVD Transfer services.

.Video to DVD Transfer

Prices include transfer

Run Time


 up to  30:00


 up to 1:00:00


 up to 2:00:00


(Includes Jewel Box And Blank CD Label - Printed labels extra)

NOTE: Prices are for one source. An extra $5 per tape will be charged for each extra tape added on. (Packaging extra)

We can transfer to DVD-R from VHS, SVHS, VHS-C, SVHS-C, 8mm videotape, Hi-8, Digital8, BetacamSP (call), miniDV, DVCam, Betamax, VideoCD, DVD, VHS PAL, VHS SECAM, and " (U-Matic) NTSC, PAL, SECAM. Contact us about other formats.

Audio to CD Transfer Service

Let Michael's preserve your audio recordings by converting analog audio to digital audio and saving them on a compact disc with professional, high quality, low cost services, and quick turn-around.

*Prices include transfer

Run Time


up to    20:00


up to    40:00


up to  1:00:00


up to  1:20:00


(Includes Jewel Box And Blank CD Label - Printed labels extra)

Note: Prices are for one source. Track marking is $5 extra. Call or email for our prices to combine tapes/segments onto one CD. (Packaging is extra.) We can transfer to CD from standard audio cassette, micro cassette, reel-to-reel audio tape, records (albums - lps) and various videotape formats. Contact us about other formats.

Albums, Reel-to-Reels, Micro Cassettes, 8-Tracks to CD Transfer

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 Michael's Picture Video's

Michael's can create a stunning picture video (aka photo montage) for your special occasions, such as: weddings, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, special events, etc.

You can use any size picture from a wallet up to an 8X10. Black and white or color pictures can be used. We can also use newspaper clippings, greeting cards, small flat items, and more. The pictures will be returned to you un-harmed.

Number each picture on the back with a ball point pen. Do not use markers...customers have ruined their photos from numbering with markers.

You must supply the music from a CD. We can convert cassettes and albums for an additional fee.

Note: Each picture video we create will receive one computer generated title.

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